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Chiropractic can benefit your body!
Satisfied Patient
“I was in the dark as to what a chiropractor could do for your health until I met Dr Salzinger. We all get hurt now and then as we are moving parts. What I learned that really helped me the most was how Chiropractic can benefit your body on a regular basis, and improve your bodies own natural care. Hats off to you Dr. Bruce for helping me to understand all the complex details of how adjustments can maintain a healthy body throughout. For preventional benefits…with or without some help from wealthy insurance companies, treatments are worth there weight in GOLD! I would rather pay for healthy care, then pay for sick care. Thank you, Pamela”
Best Chiropractor in Atlanta
Satisfied Patient
“I have often told Dr. Bruce after my initial visit with him (as I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor) that I would indeed be on a bulletin board for him, professing my admiration and gratitude for the difference he has made in my life. I honestly don’t know how anyone survives without chiropractic care and Dr. Bruce is THE caregiver!”
Thanks Dr. Bruce!
Satisfied Patient
“Not only does Dr. Bruce help with any pain or discomfort in my neck and back, he has extensive knowledge of TMJ Disorder and has treated me for TMJ and the Migraines that it caused. Thanks Dr. Bruce! You’re the best!”
Dr. Salzinger really helped me!
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Salzinger really helped me with my back when I injured it by picking up too much weight. Say what you like about chiropractors, in the right situation a good one can really help alleviate pain and eventually promote healing. Dr. Salzinger is a great chiropractor, so if you’ve got a problem that you think a chiropractor could help you with, call this guy. I should note that my pain was significantly reduced after the first visit, and even better after the second. I don’t think I came back again, despite the doctor’s urging, because I wasn’t in any more pain and because I personally don’t care for chiropractic adjustments. But I’d be back in a minute if I had a problem. And I’d go straight to Salzinger. It’s been about four months since I hurt my back and I’m feeling great.”
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