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Racewalking Her Way to 100

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Champion athlete Heather Lee is racewalking her way to 100. This will-be centenarian is a 96-year-old with nine world records to her name – and counting.

What started out as a casual hobby at the age of 70 after her husband died quickly escalated to fun runs. It wasn’t until age 84 that Heather took the big step into the big leagues. First, she entered the Australian Masters Games in Adelaide.  Then she traveled from her hometown of Sydney to participate in all of the four walking competitions offered. Finally, she came back to Sydney with four gold medals after winning against much younger women. She was hooked. Fast forward, Heather has collected more gold and world records, and continues to this day as she participates in the 95 to 100 age group.

It’s true, not everyone loves exercise. Sometimes it’s hard to get up and out. But Heather is living proof that it’s never too late to start, and once you start…there’s no reason to stop! Once those endorphins kick in, regardless of what exercise you’re participating in, you might just experience your own “racewalker’s high!”

Heather credits her “good” lifestyle, with nothing in excess and everything in moderation. And, of course, she has always been active. Yet, Heather considers herself to be fortunate. These days she combines her love of racewalking with charity pursuits.  Actually, it’s hard to keep up with everything this healthy, energetic nonagenarian has got going on. Read it for yourself.


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