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A Life of Service

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Ester Wagner has spent her entire life doing for others. Whether in her work or as a volunteer, Ester doesn’t like to sit still. Taking care of the needs of others is how she’s chosen to live her life, it’s what brings her joy. Now, at 100 years old, she’s still living a life of service.

Ester gravitated towards service jobs holding many positions in customer service in the food industry during her life. But it was in her volunteer work that her love of hospitality was front and center. Working at her local hospital she enjoyed making sure the patients had as comfortable a stay as possible. She then went on to manage the hospitality workers and their schedules. Ester held that volunteer position for almost 50 years. Her next move was to the gift shop at the hospital where she volunteered until she turned 90.

While she was volunteering at the hospital, she also found the time for numerous other volunteer activities. She taught Sunday school for over 60 years, served as the president of the Women’s Guild of her church, and functioned as an elder. She organized hundreds of trips for the local chapter of the AARP. A mother of daughters, she served as a Girl Scout Leader. Ester was member of numerous other charities and civic clubs in her community, including being on the local Community Center Board of Directors. She also served as president of the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, something she became interested in as a result of her mother’s involvement.

Over the years she’s received numerous awards and recognitions for her service. Her health has caused her to slow down a bit, and she no longer volunteers at the hospital. But Ester still manages to do what she loves, what’s important to her, which is taking care of people and being in their company.

All Too Fast

At 100, she is still involved in many of the organizations that she has come to love over the course of her lifetime. She attends meetings as she can and keeps in touch with what’s happening. Despite the fact that many of the friends and volunteers from her past are gone, Ester is still carrying on.

When a reporter asked Ester what her thoughts were about turning 100, she replied, “Well, if you ask me, I think it came along pretty quickly!” She went on to say during the interview, “I get so much more out of giving and serving others than what I actually give.”

Service and Longevity

There are several links between service and longevity. At 100 Year Lifestyle we’ve been saying for a long time that you not only want to add years to your life, but also life to your years. Service to others does both.

Studies indicate that people who care for others live longer. There is not only a link between helping people and receiving beneficial health effects, but also between helping and mortality. Ester is living proof.

But don’t think that Ester’s life has been all service. Ester has one encompassing passion, and you’ll never guess what it is. To find out, you’ll have to keep reading

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